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Vedic Palmistry Vasthu
Languages Known
English Hindi Odia Bengali Assamese

Hailing from a brahmin family line of North-East India, Dr. Sai Suvajit Acharjee’s family has been practicing astrology from last 3 generations. Dr.Suvajit’s spiritual practice from childhood, started learning astrology and palmistry from the age of 9. During his practice of Astrology and Palmistry, which extends beyond a decade, he has received three times gold medals and several other accolades for the accuracy and quality of his predictions. He solved critical problems in terms of marriage, love affairs, health issues, business, career, childbirth problems, etc. with all analysis and reports made manually. His clients are from several parts of India and abroad. His Achievements: More than 10 awards received: Jyotish Shastri, Jyotish Sidhanta, Jyotish Sagar, Jyotish Daibacharya, Jyotish Jyanaulakar etc.. Honored with 12 titles Recently received the prestigious Jyotish Jyanaulakar Award


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