1. Why should I choose RahuAstro?
You will get the most accurate horoscopes and verified astrologers at Rahuastro.com . We do not give place to fake or inexperienced astrologers on our platform. Rahuastro.com checks the readings/predictions of astrologers. A team of experienced astrologers, trains the astrologer in such a way that you do not face any kind of problem.

2. Will my personal information be kept confidential?
Yes, Rahuastro.com  is 100% safe for you. Your personal information will not go out to us under any circumstances. From your name to other personal information, questions asked, all important things on Rahuastro.com  will be limited to us only.

3. How will consultation from an astrologer over the phone be beneficial for me?
Your kundli gives direction to your life. By looking at the kundli, an astrologer can tell how you will have to behave in any situation. Your kundli gives solutions to every problem in business, job, marriage, love affair, travel, money and investment. While talking over the call, you can comfortably talk to an astrologer without any fear. You can get solutions to all your problems on just one call sitting at home.

4. How can I connect with an online astrologer?
You can contact RahuAstro's astrologer from the comfort zone. You can get solutions to your problems on call or over chat with Astrologer. You have to first sign up by visiting the mobile app(Rahuastro) or website(Rahuastro.com), after that you recharge your account by going to the wallet and finally you are going to connect the Astrologer and clicking on Call or Chat, you can talk to your favorite astrologer.

5. Rahuastro have a money back guarantee plan?
Yes, but we can return your money subject to certain conditions. If the words of the astrologer are not according to your kundli, then you may not have liked the way of talking to the astrologer. Or you have not been able to talk to the astrologer and your money has been cut. We will listen to all your complaints and if your demand is justified then unconditionally your money will be given in your wallet.

6. How accurate are the predictions by an expert?
The predictions made by the astrologer depend on your kundli. By looking at the position of the planets in your kundli, and seeing the effect of the planets, astrologers tell the solution to your problem. Our astrologers do not tell anything without seeing the kundli and due to experience, our predictions are going right to a great extent.

7. Can I speak to the same astrologer, if I call the second time?
Yes, you can talk to the same astrologer more than once. You can easily see the time of the astrologer when he is online to talk to you, after that you can talk to the astrologer according to the time every day.

8. Will your guidance help me make better future decisions?
Yes, you can take the opinion of an astrologer on any problem or decision in your life. Looking at your kundli and planetary positions, the astrologer will tell you how you can make better decisions for your future and How you can make your future better.

9. Can my un-utilized money or minutes be carried forward?
Yes, the biggest feature of Rahuastro.com  is that we care about your money and minutes. You can use the remaining minutes or money balance anytime within 180 days.