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Chandra Yantra

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Chandra Yantra - Yantra for Moon
A Chandra Yantra is an occult stratagem used to mollify the planet Moon. In Vedic astrology, planet Moon is the responsible for mental and emotional balance. Uproar in mental or emotional life is a result of a weak placement of Moon in the Birth Chart. A Chandra Yantra can be castoff by those who sufferer with ill placement of Moon in their birth-charts to neutralize the malefic effects caused by this ill-placement and to obtain the blessings of Moon. One must wear this Monday Evening

Mantra to Chant:
ऊँ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्रमसे नमः। ūm̐ śrāṃ śrīṃ śrauṃ saḥ chandramase namaḥ


It is advised to consult a professional astrologer before wearing any Yantra. For Consulting Genuine Astrologer

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